This is a unique campaign, 10 PCs, 5 players/DMs. On a regular basis we each take turns taking the reins and the others get to choose which of their PCs will be joining. Things began very episodic, basically a different “hunt” each week. In the pursuit of depth, they have gotten a bit wild.

Currently, we are fighting to prevent the collapse? Invasion? Thinning? of the material plane as a result of a battle between the gods in the Astral Sea. When I say we, I mean that quite literally. Generally, the DM has a picture of how the story will go. Since we do not have a single DM, we each take turns adding to the story and hopefully making progress towards the overall goal. It is not easy. It is definitely messy. However, it is taking collaborative story telling to a level that none of us has experienced before. It is something that we all love.


Comic Book Cover by: Jodi Whittle.

The Blood Hunter’s got their name in a moment of inspiration. An NPC needed to like them, despite the poor behavior they were displaying. Thus, the comic book and campaign were born. One shot character’s, developed for a spooky Halloween session have evolved into so much more.

The Blood Hunters

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